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1.     How long is the class?

These sessions are outlined to meet weekly for 12 weeks.

2.     What is the cost and what does it include?

Several packages are available, which will include workbook and one on one coaching.

3.     Why should I take this class?

To take this class is the first step in your healing process.

4.     Who can attend this class?

Classes are open to both men and women who are married, single, divorced, or separated (all statuses are welcomed).

5.     What happens if I miss some classes?

Open classes allow you to pick up where you left off.

6.     Is there anything that happens at the conclusion of the course?

Each participant is presented with a certificate upon completion.

7.     Will I be put on the spot?

No one will ever be put on the “spot” but will be called upon as needed by the facilitator.

8.     Do I have to share?

You are encouraged to share. We provide a safe place to do so.

9.     Is this program offered anywhere else?

At this time this program is offered in limited locations.

10. What makes this class different from other similar programs?

The difference in this program is that we have identified specific topics of concern and each session is customized to meet that need.